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But on to the thread; I'm certain competition would help in a self-defense situation, only it needs qualification. Bowling pin match? Maybe. Long distance shooting competition with a rifle? Maybe, maybe not. Others? Probably better.
IMO, any and all competition would be a help, basic shooting skills apply to both long guns and handguns. Certainly competition oriented towards the type of weapon and method of carry/use would build more specific skills but competition is always good trigger time, regardless.

I may have asked this before but I don't remember what the answer might have been. Is there a competition that mimics what an armed civilian might face at home or on the street? Does it have a special name? What are the rules?
IDPA competition is designed to simulate situations that someone might encounter in every day life using common concealed carry "type" guns and gear. Some scenarios are a little more far fetched than others but they all reward speed, accuracy, and gun handling skills (draw, reloads, malfunction clearing, etc). In general the rules are such that they create a safe shooting environment and level the playing field as best they can. Semi autos are limited to 10rds in the mag + 1 in the chamber, revolvers to 6rds and There are 5 different weapon categories so that you are competing against folks with similar gear. The use of cover and concealment is encouraged, and in many scenarios required. A cover garment is also required for most competitors, further simulating every day concealed carry. There's much more to it but hopefully this gives you an idea what it's about. Obviously you should check the IDPA web site for more info if you're interested.
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