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Capt Rick Hiott
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Hog number six for this season last night........

They didn't come out up until about 8:00pm last night, but boy when they did,,,it must have been 15 of them all at one time.

This one turned out away from the pack and gave me a nice clean shot at about 80 yards,,,and that was all it took,,,,,BOOM! He hit the ground and did the horizontal dirt dance.

Ill tell ya how tuff these hogs are. As you know I'm shooting the 454 Casull bullet in my Taurus. Well, its a bullet that is 260 grains of lead that travels 1,800 feet per second, and it didn't go all the way through this time. I hit this pig in the shoulder and there was no exit wound. On most shots it goes all the way through the hog. He was still alive when we walked up on him. Now that's tuff!

My buddy hunted a new stand we put up a few weeks ago in the very back of the club, but didn't see anything. We have pictures of hogs in the area,,but they didn't show up this time.

Capt Rick Hiott
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