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I was invited to hunt with some Christian guys for the late season. These men who hunt in Mifflin County tell me the shots rarely exceed 50 yards. 75 yards yards is a very long shot. With open sights, I doubt that I'll be accurate beyond 75 yards anyways. They post the shooters along ridges overlooking brushy hollows and open areas where the deer typically escape the drivers. This gang has been driving the same areas for many decades.

A friend at the gun club agreed to mentor me with the flintlock. He shoots a "period correct" Lancaster flintlock in 40 caliber and has taken many deer with it. Neck shots at 40 - 50 yards shooting patched round balls. He hunts from a modern climbing treestand. Truthfully, 40 caliber is not legal within the Commonwealth but he doesn't seem to care about that.

Twist is 1-48 for this TC rifle. I read that thickness of patch and diameter of the round ball are critical to accurasy. Get it right and 2 - 3 inch groups at 50 yards are attainable. Planning to try both 777 and real black powder FFg. as propellents. FFFFg for pan primer. Most of the local shops sell real gunpowder here in Pennsylvania.

I'm planning to master this flintlock. That is, clustered groups at 50 yards. But if I fail, I'll just sell it and call it a fun experience.

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