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The often used thought pattern of the general gun carrier. Competition is not training for a gun fight?

OK, but you can not practice a gun fight! So what can you practice, what component can help?

With the Pistol you carry (CCW) in my case a Glock 19, with the holster I carry, a Glock wee plastic one, suitably cut down, and use this same combination in a IDPA match. If you need to draw and fire at a person, in a SD situation, you have accessed that same pistol, from the same holster, a whole bunch of times.

The act of initiating an attack on a human target, is triggered by a huge hit of adrenalin, then all else is more or less automatic.

Believe it or believe it not, my auto response comes from 5 years as a Bouncer, 3 nights a week, in Liverpool UK, this job hones your instant fight valve, no thinking, that just takes to long.

This stays with you, for life. Case in point, my last physical altercation was in 2004, at age 69. I won that easily, using the Scouse axiom, "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, but do it first!"

I did not think, just moved. And I was armed, concealed, never thought of the Gun, it was not a gun call. The same old stimulus, a possible threat to my lovely Wife. And I have to say, at 76 YOA, nothing has changed.
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