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First off a 10 power scope will still do the same thing. Maybe not as bad,but it will still happen. I use a 8-32 x 56 scope and love it. The reason being. I shoot matches out to 800 yards. Try this and you will see the reasoning behind it.
Take a one inch circle,place a small dot (pencil diameter ) in the center. Place that target 300 yards away. Set your scope to lowest setting. You might see the circle,but you will not see the small one in the middle. Now when you shoot that way you are shooting a one inch circle and being target is so small in your scope it leaves a large margin of error as to where crosshairs are at. Set scope at full power-Now you can see small circle in middle and crosshairs will be inside that circle, and shot placement will be a lot tighter. As for the mirage part of it. You A- learn to shoot through it
B- back off on power a little. I do A. Snipers ( im sure kraiwgy) can chime in on this. They have very exstensive pratice and training. Mirage is just one aspect of it. Doping the wind,bullet drop,ect,ect. And i would think thousands of rounds of practice goes with that.
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