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Lets talk twist....

...and please keep in mind that I don't shoot long arms and I don't hunt. So I really am asking a question.

I know that in my uncles and cousins part of PA, the shots are generally pretty close. The country is a lot of hills and a lot of woods. Both my unle and my cousin told me that their shots seldom go out past 75 yards and are generally shorter. That information is from twenty years ago but my thought is that it has not changed much. Both my uncle when he was still with us and my cousin hunt in western PA as well and I understand the ranges are not much different.

I have never hunted in PA and so in truth, it could be an entirely different story now. Jack said 75 yds and so my thought is that it did not change much.

So for those relatively short range shots, is twist rate all that important?

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