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Mystery Science Theatre as punishment? For those of us that get it (you know who you are) it's an honor & privilege, and don't tell me you didn't join in with the three clowns; Tom Servo, Crowe and Joel/Mike (Joel was better then Mike IMHO, both were funny though). Pure celluloid GOLD that show was, thank goodness they're available on DVD.

Sorry for getting off topic everyone, we're human behind these computer screens. It doesn't have to be all business, does it?

Meanwhile, back in PA...

FOAC claims the most worrisome aspect of this system is the position taken by the state police that ‘if’ the system becomes inoperable, then firearms transfers cease. This means the Second Amendment could effectively cease to exist in the event of mechanical or electronic failure.

Critics maintain the PICS system is slow, costly, inefficient and redundant. The PICS system is notorious for weekend slowdowns in operation; this becomes especially troublesome for citizens and gun dealers during the holidays or gun show weekends.

By comparison, critics maintain the National Instant Check System Challenge procedure is well defined and straightforward.

PICS errors are distressingly common; these errors arise from a variety of sources. Two names can be identical, social security numbers (which PICS continues to use despite a federal court order) can be transposed, very old court records can be wrong, or the sentence for a crime that was not punishable by more than a year in jail when it was committed can be later amended. These problems mean someone who is legally permitted to own a firearm are being denied that right, and appeals are difficult under the best of circumstances.

If a court record or FBI report is incomplete or ambiguous, authorities in Pennsylvania will presume the worst, and leave it to the individual to prove otherwise. I have had constituents personally describe not knowing why a denial was issued until their appeal hearing began, which makes preparation difficult if not impossible. Even a simple technical error cannot be properly disputed if the person appealing doesn’t have enough advance notice to obtain the correct information. This is inefficient at best, arguably a potential violation of due process at worst.
That's the gist of the PICS system. If you want to read the full article, I put the link below. Seemingly, there are those trying to get rid of it. Funny, this article was written 12 days after I purchased back in February (the one that worked).
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