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I forsee a bright future for you here.
NICE!!! Not to go off topic, but Thanksgiving "Turkey Day Marathon" of MST3K was the best, 24 straight hours of them roasting cheesy movies; what more could you ask! I'm now all of the sudden in the mood to watch an episode; "Santa Vs. The Martians" on DVD...hahaha.

Yes, it's a redundant system, PICS does cross reference NICS. And PICS crashes or is taken offline a lot from what I've been reading about it (it was taken off line in May and I believe it was offline just a few weeks ago, 8/19 to be exact if I read the article right). I was told by the dealer to wait until Tuesday to give them a call, this way 3 business days have gone by; he expects to hear something by tomorrow. Guess I'll see what happens tomorrow, if the dealer calls I'll know one way or the other for sure, if not, I'll have to pester them on Tuesday.
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