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Looking for direction


I am new to reloading and I'm hoping some of you can offer some of your experience & knowledge.

I am loading 40 S&W for target shooting. Before reloading I was shooting a cheap off the shelf Federal 180 FMJ. I have been using that as a base. My goal is to build a cheaper round with less recoil.

I am using Xtreme 155 grain plated bullets with Hodgdon Longshot. I was convinced to use a slower burning powder than originaly thought. I believe the suggestion was out of safety.

The results were lots of fowling, more muzzle flash. A little bit lighter on the recoil and maybe a little better accuracy.

In order to make improvements towards less recoil, where do I head next? I am thinking a faster burning powder? I dont love the load, but I had to start some where. Any suggestions?

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