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From WC145; I've been shooting IDPA and action pistol for a few years now (usually with my duty gun and gear) and that extra trigger time has made a big difference in my overall gun handling skills. I'm faster on the draw, faster on target, more accurate, and more confident, even with my patrol rifle. I gauge myself against other officers that I've trained and qualified with for years, good shooters but none of whom compete, and where we used to be close in time and accuracy, I'm now much faster and more accurate. Also, a lot of guys are good shots but have trouble with their draw, mag changes, and clearing malfunctions, I don't really have to think about those things, the repetitive practice has made them second nature.
^^^This. I had reached a point where I was consistently one of the better shooters in my agency. That motivated me to start shooting some competitions, which is where I learned that I simply had been shooting with decent shooters (at best) for the most part, and I got schooled in my first few comps. That motivated me to get better, polish my manipulations, dry fire, etc. My gun handling and shooting skills probably increased 200-300% after I started competing, and they are still getting better. Repitition, repitition, repitition.
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