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I don't have a wall full of trophies or anything but I've had no trouble getting close to deer in my worn out old carhart bibs (black normally). I grew up raising horses and helping out local farmers so I had plenty of warm work clothes and when I started hunting thats what I wore. Hasn't been a problem yet.

Wal mart probably carries walls brand coveralls/bibs if you need a pair, or go to TSC and check out what they have. Walls and CE Schmidt are usually a little cheaper than carhartt and the quality is still good. Look for basic "work" clothes instead of paying a premium for "super sneaky hunting gear". I have a woolrich brand blaze orange vest I'm pretty happy with that I believe came from wal mart. They're stuff is reasonable for price and quality too.

Warm and water proof are my main criteria for boots. I have a pair of Justin workboots that are waterproof and have 600 grams of insulation. They're great quality and reasonably priced and I can wear them all winter for work or hunting or just being out in bad weather. I do have a pair of wolverine "hunting" boots that have camo tops and high traction cleated soles, and while they are nice enough in snow or ice, most of the time they just drag an extra 10lbs of mud with me and I opt to wear something different.
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