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When I was looking for a gun, the HK grip and feel was the top of the bunch by a definite margin (i.e. not even close). Good review.

Not sure I would list the Polygonal barrel as a Pro. Nothing against them, what I think is a plus is accuracy regardless of barrel type (not that you need it supposedly), but I do like accurate guns).

I got to shoot my bothers P30 quite a b it (he could afford eh HK and I could not).

Its definitely an accurate gun (I clover leafed 5 shots at 15 yards hand rested on a sandbag. Sig shoots as well but the HK seems to do it easier.

Trigger seem to match my impression as well. SA is good the DA is a bit mush for range work but I suspect zero issue for a duty gun or HD.

Mixed feeling on the safety. Pretty happy without it but I go back and forth about if I would get it if I had the gun (worth mentioning its an option)
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