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I'm usually not in woods big enough to get lost. Every now and then, once in a few years, I get the urge to go somewhere I haven't been and sometimes I make good on that. In those cases I HAVE gotten lost in the woods.

Typically it will be because I'd broken my main compass and then broken my spare compass too somehow. Of course where I get lost won't have phone service so I'm out of luck there too.

In the last 10 years I've been lost twice. Both times I was in the woods for at least a couple days. One of those times I was found after 4 days. I always pack as if I have to spend a few days in the woods whenever I go into any woods - just in case. As such they SRT found me sitting beside a fire next to a creek eating beef jerky. I'd brought a water filtration unit so I just went to the creek and drink after filtering the water. I'd managed to get REALLY lost but was none the worse for it - I actually kind of enjoyed it after the initial shock from realizing that I'd gotten lost lol. The other time I managed to find my way to a road and found out I was only 2 miles from my car. That took 2 days of hiking toward the sunset, crossing a couple of rivers and circumventing a small lake. All to find myself 2 miles down the road from where I'd parked! D'oh!
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