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funny thing about 8 years ago it was about 500 yards behind my house. The man who has land behind me has about 3000 acres and someone has 2000 acres and the man with 3000 has another 7000 and so on So theres about 10 miles of solid woods or small fields. Anyway I went fishing at a pond in the woods 1/4 mile from the house and coming home right at dark. got in some really thick woods and got turned around somehow and I guessed I walked in circles for an hour or so. Theres a dirt road about 1 mile away but hardly no one comes up or down at night. I sat there wandering if I could hear anything or not, no flashlight and beginning to wander to lay down and sleep or keep walking. Started walking again and finally ran into a fence about 400 yards to the house. If I ever do get totally lost again it wouldnt hurt my feelings to find a place to sleep though.
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