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Have you been LOST? (In the woods-lost in city doesn't count)

Now that the hunting season(s) are approaching, let me ask this question (as the title says)


I'll admit it: Been lost and for those who haven't thank your lucky stars.
All these survival shows (that I've watched) and stuff I've read, I have to agree with this much: It's the worst feeling in the world when you (finally) come to realization you are indeed lost! It's like a feeling like no other. It's a sickening, awful feeling that really can't be described.
It happened to me years ago, when I was hunting in NC and to put it simply I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings - just concentrated on hunting.
Fortunately I had the good sense to sit my but down and calm down, (cause once you realize you're lost panic sets in - quickly) and figure out where I was and how the hell I get myself out. And no I didn't have a map or compass (that was very dumb I know). However I was just familiar enough with the area (but not enough from keep from lost) to get my bearings and walk out. Actually it was a SWAG (scientific wild a__ __ guess) but it was the right one. However getting out wasn't a piece cake; I walked for many hours to get out but I made it out.
There's a old saying: The best lessons are the ones that were the hardest (or something like that) I would say that applies here. The good Lord was watching over me that day!
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