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I don't carry yet, need to take the required course still. But my wife is on board with the idea 100%. She was with me when I got the gun for CC. But what we don't do is keep loaded guns strung through the house. We have a double barrel 12 gauge ready to be loaded. I'd like to get a smooth 18 inch barrel for my Mossberg and just keep the rifled barrel for hunting. In my new home, gonna use a 12 gauge and a Rossi Circuit Judge in .45 Colt. I don't want guns everywhere though. All but a few of my guns are in a safe. The rest are in some sort of case except one. That's because I can't find a case long enough, very long gun. I don't keep guns strung through the house because most thieves do not break in when you're home. Why keep the guns where the thieves can find them easy? I'm gonna try to find a way to stuff all of my guns in the safe except 2 that wont fit and hd guns. They will be hidden, possibly in the bedroom. When we have our kid, I'll have to figure out something else. The AK is already in a fancy case and I'm gonna have double padlocks, I'm still on the search for a 5 ft or so long case for my Marlin. I'm gonna figure out a way to lock the cases to the walls too so they aren't easily stolen.
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