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Congrats to bamaranger for having a hard-working kid.

Mods feel free to delete this for being OT, but I can't resist.

"Never underestimate a determined kid."

True story: Next door neighbors kid started mowing lawns at 11. He got his parents to agree that they'd match whatever he saved so he could buy a car at 16. They should have never done that.

By age 12, he bought a second mower and was subcontracting lawns in the neighborhood to younger kids. By 14, he had a half-dozen kids working for him, multiple mowers and lawn equipment, and a virtual lock on all the accounts in the two neighborhoods within walking distance. He bought a small cart and rigged it to the back of his bike so that he could pull a full set of equipment to the next neighborhood over and start the whole process over again.

You can see where this is going, right?

On his 16th birthday, he presented his parents with his bank statement. He had saved close to $20K. He told his parents exactly which new BMW he wanted for a little under $40K. He was ready to saddle up to go get it.

His parents were completely floored and unprepared. They had to admit they couldn't match it and couldn't keep their promise.

The kid bought a basic pickup and a trailer with just his money and continued to build his business. That was nearly 15 years ago. These days in my part of town, I'm likely to see a half-dozen of his company trucks on any given day. He has a large and successful business. But the failure of his parents to keep that promise caused a rift in that family that never really healed.

Never underestimate a determined kid, indeed.
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