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You never know what uses you will grow into, once you play with a tool.
For years, all the chronograph did for me was internet bragging, "My 223 did 4200 fps.."
Then I started using Quickload, and I need the chrono to make sure I am operating the QL right.
And now I am hunting long range, I use QL to predict the bullet drop & wind drift and I need the chrono to check the velocity.

This year, 2012, I will take hunting; Quickload, chronograph, bullets, powder primers, brass, and dies. I will use local reloading presses and find cardboard for targets locally. I get there a week before hunting season and shoot at up to 600 yards with a bi pod. I will make a drop chart to strap to my range finder.

That is a far cry from why I originally bought Quickload.
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