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Could not agree more. As I say, a bad guy with a Glock would not want to face an angry dedicated SASS competitor with a single action revolver.
Funny you brought up single action revolvers. A few days ago I got a wild bug up my snort hole and decided to see how fast I could shoot and still hit my target with my SA Ruger Blackhawk 44 mag and I consistently shot 7" groups at 25 yards thumb cocking and shooting again as soon as I had the front sight. Then did the same with my 45 ACP and found my pistol shot 2 1/2" rapid or slow fire but my slow fire with the 44 mag was around 3 1/2" half of my rapid fire.

No match winner but I was satisfied at moderate ranges I could put a lot of lead in a target in a short amount of time. Don't know why I decided to do that because the last time I shot a single action revolver rapid fire was in the middle 70's. It's my hunting gun not a competition gun and it just doesn't occur to me to practice that.

As for competition to me it is all about muscle memory. The more you practice good the more good you will shoot under match pressure just because the gun feels right in your hand. In an emergency the competition shooter has the advantage of not having to consciously think about breathing, sights and trigger control, he just does it after evaluating the situation and choosing the target bad guy. This appears to be one time when the old guy has the advantage over the younger, stronger person with the lightning quick reflexes.
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