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This reminds me of a couple of things related to French weapons.

Some of the Berthier carbines were marked with a very elaborate script that I noticed on one I examined at the old Potomac Arms in Alexandria, Virginia, several years ago on some nice Saturday morning. They had a number of artillery pieces on hand, too, that had been there as long as I'd been visiting the place, probably 30 years by then. The store was right on the Potomac River and was prone to flooding periodically. The building was elevated (for other reasons besides just avoiding the water) but the parkng lot and all those interesting little artillery pieces frequently got soaked.

While waiting around for the store to open, I was looking at the guns, which included a 7.5 cm German Infantry gun, a few Italian anti-tank gun as well as a couple of French 25mm anti-tank guns. One of the French guns was manufactured just a month or so before the invasion in 1940. I thought to myself, the next time I came by, I would bring things to make a rubbing of the interesting inscription. Well, the next time I came by, whenever that was, they were gone. After having sat on the lot probably for over 40 years, someone had bought the whole lot and they were gone!.

He who hesitates, well, you know, can't make a rubbing from a French anti-tank gun.
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