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Stressfire, I don't have time to research it right now, but I'll look into it. I do believe that the entitlement extends beyond just an attorney, though. Bail bondsmen and family members come to mind. Regardless, I will take a look at the issue. If Bartholomew Roberts or Frank Ettin or one of our other attorney members happens to know the answer, they could save me some trouble here. (hint, hint)

I would also emphasize that what we're talking about is the number of free phone calls to which an arrestee is entitled, not the number he or she actually gets, or when. I feel pretty confident saying that an arrestee who is generally courteous to the police (even if he is asserting his right to remain silent) may well get more phone calls and get them sooner than one who is combative and ill-behaved.

ltc444, thanks! I'll do that.
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