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What if the BG grabbed a hostage and precision shooting was needed? What is you were undisclosed to the BG and wanted to have the best change for good shot placement on the intaial shot?
Bang! Whoops! I shot the hostage right through the head. Now, how the hell am I going to explain this to the police? Where in the different States Concealed Carry laws does it give the right for a private citizen to shoot at a perpetrator holding a hostage?

Sure most of the time DA would have to be used exclusively...but there are cases where SA would be useful.
Just what cases are those? Please, not fantasy instances, but real-life, verifiable instances.

Plus as I said.. I've never had my model 37 snag on my pocket (using a posket holster greatly reduces the chance of a snag IMHO) with hundreds of draw and fire drills. Not even once
How many times have you drawn it in a life-threatening situation? The only way you can say a hammer spur will not catch in the fabric of your pocket is if your gun does not have one.

As I have asked those who do not believe in bobbing the hammer, just exactly what scenario can you envision that you would need to thumb-cock a double action?
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