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Read Gun Fight by Winkler to see how the folks who probably yap about gun rights today freaked out by Black Panthers using open long arm carry to celebrate their 2nd. Amend. rights.

I recall this conversation (not to start an abortion debate - don't). On an interview show, a pro-choice doc was asked about protecting himself. He started to wax poetically about the virtue of a 1911. The anti-abortion guy had a crappola fit, screaming about gun nuts. Not predictable by current political stereotypes.

It is all in the context.

As I said - if I were in a theatre, place of worship, mall, etc. - and you stroll in with significant exposed armament, I am strolling away with the family and figuring out how to shoot you dead - to be blunt.

It is relatively risk problem. Someone who is OC'ing is making a statement. What is the statement?

Three Cheers for the RKBA or Die All of YOU who should die because I'm mad over something and have a neurochemical disorder.

The abstract right to open carry - not a big deal in the field. I do on private land and hunting vs. the risk profile we now have in public places has to be balanced.

In TX, it is legal to stroll around as long as you cover your butt and genitals. Thus, you can wear a flesh colored thong and bicycle round by the school yard. Is that a plan? It's your right. Let's let the kids be used to your proclaiming your legal rights to dress that way.

In fact, we had a guy do that down the fancy pants neighborhood - with no PANTS. Cops were called.

Now let's say this guy was open carrying in his thong and decided to walk down your street when the school bus was loading up?

Three Cheers for the RKBA and NO PANTS!

It may be a silly example - but it makes the point that context changes the evaluation of the act.
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