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Originally Posted by zukiphile
...On the other hand, subjecting the OC right to a standard, such as one who seeks a confrontation has no basis for complaint , illustrates a fallacy of special pleading where there is resistence to applying it as an actual standard...
However, it looks like the Sixth Circuit would disagree with you (and agree with me). See Embody v. Ward (Sixth Circuit, No. 11-5963, August 30, 2012), at pg 5:
...Having worked hard to appear suspicious in an armed-and-loaded visit to the park, Embody cannot cry foul after park rangers, to say nothing of passers-by, took the bait....
Originally Posted by zukiphile
...POs, people, openly carry and it doesn't cause panic. It is an ordinary sight...
Police officers wear uniforms or display badges and are well known and expected by the public to be armed.

Originally Posted by zukiphile
...People of a certain age will remember kids riding the bus in NYC with a .22 on the shoulder on their way to school....
That was then, and this is now.
"It is long been a principle of ours that one is no more armed because he has possession of a firearm than he is a musician because he owns a piano. There is no point in having a gun if you are not capable of using it skillfully." -- Jeff Cooper

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