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I went through a bad stretch a couple years ago. My hunting out fit (Winchester Blaze Orange) finally just got to the point where I could not repair it. I got over 20 years out of it and am not complaining about quality. At the time I paid a little over $100.00 dollars for the coat and pants. That was a pretty steep price back then. The first year I had it, I wondered why I suffered all those years deer hunting with 3 layers of clothes on and was still cold. The trouble started when I tried to replace it. I went to Cabela's and their outfits would not last 2 years the way we hunt. The guys on TV advertising that junk look like Girl scouts, so they probably are. I went to a Walmart and I saw Orange Woolrich on the rack. What a disappointment that was. The pockets were so thin on the coat I think in a day a box of shells would rip through them. I ended up looking until I found left over stuff not made anymore and pieced an outfit together. The lesson here is you can't buy quality hunting clothes no matter where you shop, so Wally World is O.K.
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