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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
It's probably not. But some folks insist on bringing in Rosa Parks and trying to draw parallels to the Civil Rights Movement. That is fallacious on several levels, as I, and others, have pointed out.
Calling a comparison a "non-starter", or noting that OC isn't a cause he hears about in church isn't identification of an actual fallacy. That doesn't mean that a diffrence of opinion is unreasonable, just that it isn't a fallacy.

On the other hand, subjecting the OC right to a standard, such as one who seeks a confrontation has no basis for complaint , illustrates a fallacy of special pleading where there is resistence to applying it as an actual standard.

Responding to a position with an accusation that one who takes it plays into an "ego wannabe role" is nothing less than a fallacy of the argument ad hominem.

Employing fallacies in an argument doesn't mean the conclusion is wrong, just that the stated reasoning relies on a fallacy.

Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
The problem is that many simply assume that carrying a gun openly will help acclimate the public to people carrying guns openly. But no one I've seen have ever come up with any evidence that's the case.
I did in this thread. POs, people, openly carry and it doesn't cause panic. It is an ordinary sight.

People of a certain age will remember kids riding the bus in NYC with a .22 on the shoulder on their way to school. Things one sees routinely tend not to strike one as a big deal. That there is ample evidence of this principle at work doesn't mean you are wrong in all instances, but there is evidence to support it.
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