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Frank, I fail to se how this is "Civil Disobedience".

It would be Civil Disobedience if someone were to OC where it was against the law, intentionally breaking the law, to get arrested and videotape the arrest.

What we are talking about here is being detained or worse for doing something that is not illegal. Rob and seveal of the other posters are condemning OC activists for "baiting" cops by OCing.

If a cop goes to investigate, and everybody goes their merry way, no harm, no foul. It gets videotaped and the cop looks good on camera.

If on the other hand, the Officer goes all Harless on the activists, and it gets videotaped, and the world finds out what a bad apple he is, well then, how is that a bad thing?

From an activist's point of view, toting around something that looks like a machine pistol is probably a bad plan ...... but just OCing a handgun? It's legal.

Those of us who believe the police are TheOnlyOnes need to rethink that, or find a country without a Bill of Rights that says that "the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I hear England is nice .... you just have to jump through a few hoops to have a firearm.....
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