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Have a 1996 500A. Love that gun. Bought it used for $150 out the door, 3 years ago. Since I have it, I have put close to 3,000 rounds thru it, including a lot of 3"slugs and 3" buckshot loads. Never failed yet. Only clean it every 700-800 rounds or so. It always goes boom. Recently got an 835 and a Benelli Nova from my dad. The 835 is solid while the Nova wasn't so much. The 835 also held a tighter pattern over all the shell/choke combos I played with. Sold the Nova to a close friend. He loves it.

That said, I grew up shooting my step-dads 870. As a kid I loved it because it fit me better. For nostalgic purposes I'd like to own a blue-steel and walnut 870. But I'll always rely on my Mossbergs for killing clays and food.

To each his own. Just my $.02.

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