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Just had a muscle memory issue.

Have had my Ar 15 with collapsible stock for 2 years. Have had good success on the range and set shots.

Now the situation.

A pack of dogs were chasing a cow and her young calf. (they have killed cows in the past and the Stock control people have a shoot on sight order)

Wife called me I grabbed the AR, jumped in the UTV and was off in pursuit. Suprised the Pack (and me) bedded up near an abandoned house trailer.

Exited the UTV. M-16 training and Muscle Memory kicked in. Snug to shoulder established a good stock weld. placed the dot on a dog and proceeded to miss 10 shots ranging from 25 feet to 100 yds.

My AAR established the following.

1. Do not establish a good stock weld on a collapsible stock as I was trained to do on an M-16. Must keep head Erect like shooting a pistol.

2. Need more practice.

3. Also I need to attach a pair of Ear Muffs to my Jump vest. In a fast response I do not have time to insert my standard EAR plugs into my ear.

4. Get some full size coyote targets for practice.

Frankly i should have taken my 1911. Had I done that at least two of the dogs would have been eliminated.

Will have opportunity to implement my AAR findings in the future.
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