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You have a military background. Do you think the police have any differences in their approaches to what you're saying?
Yes I have a military background, but I also spent 20 years in LE, I'm also a competition shooter, hunter and plinker.

The topic relates to all of the above.

Let take another example, As I said a few times, I pocket carry a J-frame and do quite a bit of practice with it. I can get it out and fire in less then .5 seconds. (assuming my hand is in my pocket which it is 99.99% of the time).

One day a couple summers ago, coming out of my shop I spot a coyote screwing around my chicken pin. I drew and killed the coyote in a spit second, during which time I was able to tell the target in this case was a threat to my chickens and not one of my own dogs. I didn't even realize what I was doing until it was done. I thought about it and realized I did infact see a coyote over my sight and not my dog.

I was able to tell the difference and act without shooting my dog.

I've done that, (reconition) in combat, instantly being able to tell a possible threat was a Vietnamese kid instead of a advesory. Did it in LE also. Do it in competition too, knowing at 1000 yards which is my target and which is the target next to mine. (fun with iron sights).

Target reconition is part of the aspects one learns in developing muscle memory.

Even in peace time, in a safe area where I live, its a good trait to know and practice. I practice shooting shotgun hulls scattered around my range, never know with you are gonna find a rattler in the yard, rattlers and kids don't play well together.

I've killed several in the last 19 years I've lived here.

Target reconition is part of the muscle memory you need to develope as well as other aspects of marksmanship fundamentals. Only way to get that is with tons of good solid practice.
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