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It's not the act itself,,,

It's not the act itself,,,
But how the act is performed.

One officer in our local PD has already stated,,,
He will stop each and every person he sees carrying a handgun openly.

He has stated that he is strongly against the new open carry law,,,
And he will stop everyone he sees and ask them to show their carry permit.

When asked if he will stop the same person multiple times,,,
His answer was How am I supposed to remember everyone I come into contact with.

A well planned strategy would be to frequent his patrol area,,,
Cooperate fully and give no reason for the officer to escalate his actions,,,
But have your little voice recorder running and record each and every word of the interaction.

I would think that after a third stop (maybe even a second),,,
One would have reasonable cause to register a formal complaint.

My point here is that sometimes the authorities in power need to be confronted,,,
Just do it with a good plan and don't be stupid in it's implementation.

If you are going to bait a cop to uncover illegal/harassing activity,,,
You should have a well thought out strategy.


P.S. Rather than bait the officer I wrote a letter to the Chief of Police,,,
In it I asked him what the policies for his department will be,,,
I gave my name, address, and E-mail address,,,
I sent the letter by registered mail,,,
I have received no reply as yet.

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