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Originally Posted by Jim Watson
No matter, it is gone, and even worse, so is Express.
According to the updates on the Powder Inc. website, Goex intends to re-introduce their Express powder sometime in 2013.

March 12, 2012. GOEX Express. It seems GOEX had an exciting event in June 2011, that has delayed their plans for re-introducing GOEX Express. Plans now are for a date some time in 2013.
November 21, 2011. GOEX 3F Express! We got 50 pounds! Call now! $19.50/pound delivered for 25 or 50 pounds! If you want less, we can figure that cost, too! Remember, GOEX withdrew their EXPRESS powders from the market earlier this year, and plan a re-introduced product early in 2012. So this is a real find, for someone. Because of the very limited quantity, we are only taking phone or walkin orders for this FFFg GOEX Express powder.

March 21, 2011. We have been waiting for GOEX Express. GOEX explained the delay to us - they are withdrawing GOEX Express powders (not the traditional GOEX powders, GOEX powders are in stock and well supported, and a delight for all) from the market as of now, March 2011. GOEX plans are to re-introduce the GOEX Express product in January 2012.
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