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No one can create a confrontation single handedly by virtue of legal OC unless a PO makes it one. It takes two to make a confrontation. That's the lesson of the video of the well handled stop.

At one time in this country, kids took guns to school to shoot on school rifle teams. Now our HS trap team can't even have a shotgun logo in the school yearbook, because the other side of this issue has convinced the general public that "GUNS ARE BAD!!!!!!!!!!111111!" So we should just play into that and not OC? It's legal, do it if that's what you want to do.

Having video evidence works to protect everybody involved: There are officers like Daniel Harless out there, and if not for video evidence, he'd still be out there. I'm pretty sure that officers that have gotten into trouble for harassing people doing nothing illegal serve as a reminder that the police are not "The Law"- they just are paid full time to enforce it.

As for the "You are not the Police!" argument: This is where we have gone wrong, IMO.

I give you Sir Robert Peel:

"The Police are the Public, and the Public are the Police."

Go look up the Peelian Principles. You will note that they are not adhered to much these days.... thus we have Officers speaking of Citizens as "civilians" .... as if what? That they are Military? They often dress like it, with combat boots and military hardware, up to and including armored vehichles, in some cases....... down this road lies an "Us vs. Them" bunker mentality...... this has never worked, as it turns the people against the police, and they can not succeed in police work without the support of the people. Sir Robert Peel stated this over 150 years ago..... Lawdog wrote on it a few years back..... go read.
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