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Most guys probably already know this, but when deciding on a stand location, the first thing you want, is the darkest, thickest, location that gives you a good field of view. You never want to set up in an open area, because as Art said, that animal will notice something different about an area very quickly. Imagine your own living room. If something appears today, that wasn't there yesterday, your going to notice it pretty quick. Same thing with animals that frequent the same areas often.

As to UV thing under a black light. Your washer and dryer is full of little lint balls, that will stick to your clothes every time you wash and dry. For this reason I have always used a good UV Sports wash, and wash ALL my hunting stuff by hand in a good ole #2 wash tub. Yes it is a little trouble, but it works, and most of my hunting clothing has lasted me for 15 years and better, simply because it is not being washed to death in a washer and dryer.

Just my 2 cents
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