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Spur hammer on a pocket gun is not logical. The shape of a DA revolver is designed specifically for DA shooting and is somewhat awkward for thumb cocking (compare the manipulation with a true SA revolver and see.) DA is best for self-defense in a close-up situation. If the threat is not close-up, then your motivation for shooting can be brought into question. Those who want to maintain the ability of thumb cocking the gun to shoot single action seem oblivious to that fact. In what possible scenario would you, 1. Have the need to thumb cock. 2. Thumb cocking would be better than double action?
Consider the statement: "I have a spur on the hammer of my pocket gun and it never caught on anything." Begs two questions: Does that absolutely ensure that it never will? How often has that gun (with a spur), been drawn in an actual life-threatening situation?
Spurless self-defense pocket-carry revolvers:
S&W M36

Taurus M85

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