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Good info above. I've had mine for two years now, and about 8K rounds of medium/large cal centerfire ammunution.

No hiccups. Make sure the primer shuttle slide- "female" section- is absolutely clear. A single grain of powder in there will get shoved forward (where you can't even see it) and prevent the slide from traveling fully forward, and cause misalignment where the primer won't seat.

It's EXTREMELY important to have the press on a rock-solid bench. As noted above, powder measures (all of them) meter by volume, not weight. A partially stuck case, that causes you to jerk the press around and vibrate the meter, will cause the powder to settle and increase the charge. Guaranteed...

Large grain extruded powders, like Varget , meter like crap because of their size- they don't compress consistently when dropped into the meter. Small ball powders meter the best...

I will take exception to the above and say that a "consistent" ram pull is irrelevant, IMO.

If you examine the meter, the "new" charge is dropped into the meter when the ram is lowered with the now full case. At that point (unless you vibrate the press), the charge is set. As soon as you index again and begin to bring the next case up, the meter rotates and "closes". It doesn't matter how consistently you operate the ram at that point, the meter is closed and on it's way around to dump into the case.

What you DON'T want to do, is run the ram partially, and then raise it. You may have dumped a partial charge, and by raising the ram again you've completely re-filled the measure.

Anyway, preventing vibration/movement of the press is key to consistent metering.

I'll add that it's very helpful to have metering inserts for each caliber. They're cheap, and save a lot of time when changing calibers because they'll be pre-set for your charge.

Good luck with it. I'm sure when you get the few bugs worked out you'll love the LNL as much as the rest of us.
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