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Maybe i do this wrong,but seems to work for me
2 torches facing each other,Flames hit each other ( just the blue flame) grab case with vise grip, from under the flame i come up just below neck,count to 5 ,pull from flame,count to 3,chuck in ice water. You get a very uniform discoloration just below neck. You can tell when you chamfer them if you did good or not. Is it right?? Lord knows,but i do get 15 reloads out of my 308 cases,and i usually throw them away due to primer pocket wear. I full length size also all the time. Cut a few open at 12 reloads and they still looked good for case uniformity. There was some narrowing of the base,but not enough to cause concern. I do not shoot max loads or even close. 308 and 175gn i shoot at around 2540fps. Im sure that has a lot to do with it.
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