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Rugers web site states in there Q&A ,you can dry fire All of there fire arms including there rimfires . They recommend not doing it alot cus you will wear out the stop and have to replace the firing pin.

As for other guns refer to the manual

My savge mk11 should not be dry fired . Its a new gun for me and I have only shot it once . I already have dry fired it at least 10 times .A couple times when I got it home the rest at the range when I lost count of how many shots I had shot . At this rate I think im in trouble . What I learned was if you have the trigger depressed when closing the bolt ( it goes BOOM ) no just kidding It de-cocks it . My ruger American Rifle does the same thing . Maybe all bolt actions do this. I only have the two .

HUMM now that I think about it, maybe pulling the trigger when closing the bolt is bad for the gun . Does any body know if by doing so it puts any un due presures or torque on things that normaly they would not have .

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