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the boy and IDPA

Well, bamaboy, age 16, has been to about his 6th IDPA match. This time, with 31 shooters, he finished #10 overall, and I barely squeaked in ahead of him at #9 (dang non-threats) .

We started with him observing and pasting. Then the club allowed him to shoot a few stages with the Ruger MkII .22 from ready at the end of the relay. Then I worked with him and the G20, loaded down...way down...allowed in a club match. Why the 10mm??, ....cause we had it and it seemed easiest to teach, no decock, no safety, good trigger.

We scrounge his brass at matches like fools, considered a .40 barrel, and began to take a bunch of grief from the guys...."get the poor kid a Glock 17 (or G34)".

I propose a deal, " save half the price, I will front the other half and we'll get one." A buddy calls this weekend, bamaboy fields the call, I'm at work. A used G17 is at a local shop, will go for about $400. I come in from work, the boy has a note with the info. He gives me same, tells the tale and disappears into his room. Comes back out with a handful of green and dramatically (but respectfully and some pride) plops a wad of bills on the kitchen table. .."Here's $ half". Talk about show or fold!!!!! I had no idea the kid had $200 bucks.... and tell him so. He says..."I've got more, but I'm saving it for magazines and components!" That's a lot of yard mowing!

Two days later the pistol comes home with me. He says it kicks a lot less.
And I and some other guys are likely gonna get it put on us by a 16 yr old.
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