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Seems you have it done,but I'll post anyway.

If you have a lot of material to move,by all means,use the Bridgeport.

For just fitting something that does not quite settle in,I coat the metal with Prussian Blue.

I put the part in place,tap it with a mallet,then pull it out.Read what the ink tells you.Think about what surfaces are intended to contact,what is the flat,square datum,etc.Know what the foundation is you are trying to set down on.

For cutters,I just use mostly stainless feeler gage stock.It comes in 12 in lengths.I use .025 or so,not critical I use a cutoff wheel to cut it,and a bench grinder to grind the shape of scraper I need.When you grind it,it makes a little burr on the scraper.That does the cutting,The scraper has a little spring to it.Just drag it across the work,it will scrape shavings.

I scrape off the spots that have prussian blue on them,then do the same thing again.Blue,try,scrape the high spots off.

Soon,more and more will be blue.Watch as the metal settles in for what function tells you.

Its a little tedious,but it works.
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