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Started in BP shooting in the early 70s

At that time I was married to my "thankfully ex" wife who nagged me so much I finally sold my collection and stopped shooting.

Fouteen years ago I married present spousal unit. I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to be worthy of her.

Shortly thereafter I got back into shooting but this time revolvers only. When I bought my eleventh or twelfth revolver my better half asked, "How many revolvers do you think you will need?" Mind you, she was not concerned about the money or the time. She was just curious about the way I approached the shooter's way of life.

I did not know how to answer her question. I still don't. Forty pistols later, she has a better understanding of why I didn't know how many revolvers I would eventually need. She has never once complained about a revolver purchase. She generally kicks me out of the house to go shooting. Once or twice, she actually went with me. It was her idea to build display cases and hang them around the house. She never gripes about the revolver parts soaking in the kitchen sink or drying in the oven. She doesn't mind the bore lube on the stove. And she doesn't make me go to church.

Number two is a definite improvement over number one.

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