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Originally Posted by monkeyfist
Listen, I live in the country. Any invasion in my area is extremely rare, though it did happen not too long ago not too far away from my house.

I have no intention of "running towards an obvious threat". But I also have no intention of hiding in the corner of my bedroom for every type of noise that I may want to investigate.

Should I hide and call 911 for every little noise? No. I don't know what the noise is, therefore I want to see what the noise is, but calling 911 and hiding in my bedroom is somewhat extreme. It may be something as stupid as my hot water heater making an odd sound, but I don't feel I should hide in my bedroom waiting for something to manifest itself.

I'd find it extremely hard to go back to sleep until I found out where the noise came from, and a quick check would solve that. I believe just about anybody reacts in the same manner, armed or not.

Now, if I heard what I believed was obviously an intruder, I would not engage and would do just what you guys said.

That seems like such a strange argument.

Do you not know the noises that your house makes?

What sort of noises does your water heater make, particularly that you wouldn't recognize?

Every home has its unique creaks and pops. It usually takes living through a single years worth of humidity cycles to hear them all and have them fade into your subconscious.

My cat makes stupid noises sometimes, knocking things over or chasing a bell around, but those are also recognizable. Sometimes the dog whimpers in her sleep.

All these noises and more I recognize and I see no one suggesting calling 911 for every creaking board and whimpering dog, or alternately going to investigate every cat toy down the stairs with a flashlight and gun.

The point is, we usually know when something is wrong and going to confront that something is a bad choice, a choice that trained and knowledgable people avoid whenever possible and the rest of us would be wise to emulate.
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