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I am running mine stock right now, and the trigger is fine, but something about the recoil signature of it is hindering my ability to meld/mesh with it as an extension of my hand. I am sure that some more experienced Glock 34 shooters here will chime in with more detailed and better information, and perhaps I could get some tips on how to mesh with it better.
This your only Glock? I ask because some folks just don't shoot all that well with a Glock. Grip angle, width, trigger finger relative position bla bla bla. If you're use to other guns, sometimes a Glock will take a quite a bit of practice with before you become proficient.
For many years I shot a Bruce Grey tuned HK P7M8. I got so use to it that anything else felt "weird". It took a long time to get comfortable with a 1911 again, and some guns still feel totally "wrong" in my hand.
Glocks have never been a natural gun for me. I've owned them and sold them... over and over again.
The last gun that I picked up that felt "perfect" right out of the box was a Steyr M9-A1... the grip angle/feel and low bore center reminded me so much of the HK... just a lot lighter.

You might want to consider a few "adjustments". Perhaps removing the finger grooves (or filling in the groove low spots) to see if they are an annoyance.
Adding weight to the grip frame. Filling in the web or heel of the rear of the grip to adjust the gun relative to your hand, wrist and arm.

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