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Like kraigwy I wish they would have waited or followed him rather than confront him in an area where there was a high likely hood that other people would be injured.
If the officers were on a CT post, then following the BG, and abandoning their station, might not have been in the playbook. (The preceding sentence was a mix of my assumption of police duty behavior and another poster's comment that he heard NYC say that the 2 officers were there for CT).

To the OP: I would expect that I would fire a bunch and maybe miss a bunch in any type of real, pop-quiz engagement. That said, I expect that most engagements are going to be an unplanned scenario. So, practice all that you can, in as many ways as possible like IDPA, but you can never plan for everything. Perp in the house at 3 a.m. is not the same as a mountain lion in the goat pen at midnight.
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