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When I was younger, I did most of my hunting in my old Army gear, and before that, it was jeans, a sweatshirt, and a blaze orange zip-up Hoodie..... maybe an orange stocking over the orange feed store gimme cap if it was cold... come to think of it, I killed more pheasants wearing canvas Chucky-T's that I ever did wearing boots.......

Now that I am older, warmer gear is more important- and keeping dry is the better part of staying warm....... Gore-tex, or similar, is a must in bad weather.

As for spendy boots- I have had more miles on Rockies than anything else..... I've never spent more than 150 dollars on a pair of boots.... and the best pair were some 50 dollar on sale Rockies..... I wore those things for years, until I started using them as work boots and wore a hole in them..... by the time I needed a replacement, they had stopped making that style.

You mentioned buying a shotgun- what exactly are you planning to hunt? Oh-deer .... I forgot folks back east use "shotguns" for deer.....
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