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Let me tell you about addiction....
In the year of our lord nineteen hundred and ninety six, My US Army
room mate and I went for our first skydive. Not tandem, it was lesson #1
out of 7 and I got my own chute with a radio receiver and speakers in the helmet to assist me with steering my way back to the drop zone. My room mates chute opened extremely fast "a slammer" and he caught his left testicle in the strap, tore the top of both middle cells back about three feet and landed like a lead brick! Never to jump again.
I, on the other hand, had a bitchen freefall, parachute ride like an eagle and landed like a lead brick doing about 20mph!
(seriously now) I gathered up my chute, returned it to the packing shed, went to the office with my check book and immediately signed up for lesson #2!
1 1/2 years and 204 jumps later I quit because my lower back was getting really FUBAR and decelerating from 120 to 25mph in about 3sec doesn't help.

So what the hell does jumping have to do with BP revolvers? I bought my Dragoon in July, my Walker in August and the only reason I'm not getting my next dragoon in September is because I'm building a presentation case for my Walker. This also stretches out my wife's time/space continuum and she wont realize just how much money is being spent, and how quickly. So you see my friend, I was addicted when I first held that dragoon in my hands (another reason I spent so much for it).
So let the addiction begin!!!
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