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IMHO, this is a bit over blown. I started hunting in a decent pair of like $59 hunting boots and my "old" clothes. The only thing which I believe is required to buy, but only if you have nothing close and can afford it, is a pair of hunting boots and several pairs of socks. A pair of hunting boots and comfortable socks are fairly important IMO. Basspro and Cabela's sell good boots now for $75 or less, I think. . .
I would hunt in these boots without thinking twice about it.

The rest of the clothes allow you advantages that basic clothes will not. i.e. warm clothes allow you to be out longer in cold weather, rain gear allows more time in wet weather. Wool keeps you warm when wet. Fleece is warm and sheds water well. hi tech underwear keeps you from getting wet when perspiring. Wet, wind, sweat and odor are your enemies. Wet and wind can be handled by good hunting gear. Odor is more complex. A good spray and washing your clothes in a no scent wash will allow you to start out odor free. Aluminum, carbon and other fancy materials can help you not produce odor.

Frankly, Arm & Hammer scentless deoderant is cheap and helps alot. Heck I use this year round so I don't fight my cologne smell! Dressing not to sweat can help alot.

UV is unproven as far as I know, but I also believe it can be washed out. Not worth a big spend to me.

Again, I and many others have killed very big deer in the wrong gear due to age, poverty or just not caring. Walmart is not a terrible place to get base gear. Buy a tote, put your gear in it with cover scent wafers. Makes it smell dirt fresh when you pull it out at the hunting site.

Also, when hunting, have hunting clothes and after hunting clothes. It keeps your real hunting clothes a little more stink free.

This is also related to distance. If you want to be 5 yards from the deer you kill, you will have to be 100's of times better than at 25 yards and that is hudreds of times better than at 75 - 100 yards.

I've taken most of my game at 100 - 200 yards, so maybe what I lack in gear, I make up for in shotmaking!
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