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From the responses post above I have to assume I am the only one replying to the OP that has actually killed a coyote or 2 with a 22 lr. My first coyote was at 11 years old was taken with a Browning Auto. The coyote was a young yearling, maybe 15 pounds. Range was @15 yards. It took 8 poorly placed shots and a club to kill him. Another was taken at 45 yards, broadside behind the shoulder, Remington hollowpoints. After bolting at the shot, I saw that he ran @100 yards and stopped in a pile of brush. Assuming him dead I slowly made my way over to the brush pile and found him still alive and burrowed deep in the thicket. I have only killed 51 coyotes but enough to be able to voice a passable knowlaedgable response. Coyotes are far tougher animals than most believe. I have lost well hit coyotes with calibers 22 lr to 375 H&H magnum.
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