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Lost Sheep,

Good idea sending this thread to the reporter. Even if it does not get a follow-up article past his editor, at least it will pass along some education to the reporter, who (unfortuately) has a significant probability of getting to report on more firearms related "events" in the future. Maybe he will even join the forum and ask some questions for his next story.

As for the primer blowing out of the case when ignited, I had not thought about a crimped primer. I don't know if the crimp would hold it without a chamber. I guess it is supposed to do that.

All I can tell you is that I learned a new word one day long ago when my grandfather used a nail to set off a pistol primer in an empty case while making an inert round for his grandson. The primer pierced and the cup travelled up the rather thin nail as far as his fingers. No damage except temporarily to his pride and my hearing. (The nail was still larger than most firing pins.)


Edit: I looked at the video again, and it looks like there is no crimp on the primer pocket. I can't be sure, but it seems that it would have been visible with the camera angle and light angle. Then again, sometimes I don't see a crimp when I am holding a case in my hand. But, I would think that a crimp that is strong enough to hold the primer when fired outside of a chamber would have enough of a groove to it that this video would have revealed it to us.

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