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I am the owner of a Nikon 16-48 x 65 ... model number WP65A.

Here's more about it.

I live in Colorado Springs, CO .... The summit of Pikes Peak is about 10 miles away... at max zoom I can see the house on the summit with clarity.

However, when I shoot at targets at 210 yards, I can't see if my 270 win bullet has hit the target or not. Where I shoot, I'm not supposed to use anything but paper targets. I've experimented with Shoot N See and other splatter targets, but a 270 bullet just doesn't make that much of a hole.

I thought I would try even more magnification, but I'm starting to doubt that will make any difference, based on someone's earlier comment.

I can't afford a Swarovski (sp?) but am willing to spend more. I CAN see the 150 yard targets.

Any ideas?

I have a few old time SLR cameras.. I wonder if a monster telephoto will help?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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